Disposing of a Computer


You are thinking of what to do with your old or faulty computer? Yes, the answer to your question is right here in this article. We look at how and ways of recycling computers and how computer disposal can be done safely in this new piece.

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This thought comes to your mind immediately you become a proud owner of a new piece of a computer. Some of the critical reasons for recycling include acquiring new equipment, having one that is beyond repair but the spare parts are still working and upgrading to a new and higher model.

No every item for recycling will be broken down from your computer. Some parts are sold, donated, or even used as spare parts by you.

Your computer contains different contaminants like toxic substances, lead, and mercury, thus making them ineligible for landfills disposal. With this reason, the need for urgency on how to recycle computers now comes into action.


There are several best ways in which one can safely recycle computers without adding them to landfills of hazardous items. Here are a few ideas:

Recycle through Recycling Dealers or Scrap Yard

Fetch online dealers or scrap yard and let them give you a reasonable price for your equipment.

Any working internal or external part will cash you some good dollars. The yards use the steel scraps to form pieces of art or other useful gadgets.

Using Online Auctions

Auction some of the useful parts via online auction websites.

Warranty Company

Ask the computer brand company to advise on how best to it works for their computer disposal. The manufacturing or rebranding firm may be in a position to take back the machine at a reduced cost.


Wondering what next for this equipment that is not in use and taking up all your storage space in the garage, office, or house? We have a solution for you today!

Here are a few solutions on how to correctly solve the issue of disposal of your device:

- Reselling it on eBay or Craigslist

- You may hand it down to a family member or a friend in need

- Give it to a charity home where it will be of great use to the office for administration purposes

- Donate the computer to a church or school nearby or go a step further and give it to Goodwill

You now have enough knowledge on how best to sort out the problem of computer disposal in your possession.

Whatever action you decide to do with your computer, one vital thing to remember is getting rid of your data built up on it before disposal.

Make use of the right device and program like data wipe utility to flash out that confidential information before somebody else gets hold of it!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers your machine a hazard waste, therefore is a need for you to follow strict safety measures when applying computer disposal requirements.

Living green starts and ends with you.